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That’s where it all started. Perhaps, the discovery of fire is the first of the most important milestones of mankind’s journey. Since then, we have never looked back. From the wheel to today’s aeroplanes, from hiding in caves to leaving footprints on the moon, from the ancient tools to intelligent machines, we have come a long way. Thanks to the scientific and Industrial revolutions. We can now instantly communicate with almost anyone, anywhere on the Globe. We can look at what’s happening at a given place without even being over there. All of this was once called magic but today, we call it art, science and technology.

With the current research and development focused on artificial intelligence and autonomy, the world literally is trying to make machines more like humans, but often we ignore the fact that, we are becoming more and more like machines. We believe, “the true purpose” of art, science and engineering technology has always made life better, but today most of the inventions happen just for the sake of inventing; in order to reach short term goals of making more money or having more power, eventually leading to long term problems. This directs us towards a wrong path which defies the true purpose. This needs a change.

Many companies today, having been confused with the metrics of performance measure as their company’s reason for existence, work solely for materialistic goals like maximizing their market share in order to earn more and more money. We agree, capital is an extremely important source required to keep the company alive, just like oxygen is for us. But, we do not live to breathe. We breathe to live, so that we can do what we want to. We believe that we should see capital as a by product generated by reaching the organisation’s higher purpose and which fuels us further to do more and better than earlier.

Businesses should no longer be seen and perceived as perpetual mechanisms which can churn more money out than what has gone in. We believe, this needs a change. A change in the way we visualize. We believe that behind every business and organisation in the world, there is a fundamental purpose which most of them forget, being stuck in the paradoxical loop of money.

We believe that the best version of the future lies in the hands of those organisations with a higher purpose and will transcend way beyond the consequent possibilities of materialistic goals.

These are the thoughts which sparked a fire in us. A fire we named “Rizel”, after one of the brightest stars of the Galaxy. To shine as bright and spread light -To make lives better.

Many of the scientific and technological advancements which led to the world we live in today, were the result of thoughts of youngsters. They stand as an inspiration; as someone we look up to. They proved and stood as living proof that age is just a number. We, a bunch of young minds, in our mid twenties with passionate ambitions, are enthusiastic in following the footsteps of yesteryears young stalwarts, solving to rationalize the equations of our irrational thoughts.

We are fueling this already ignited fire called Rizel, with all our mind and heart. We thank and appreciate everyone who are standing as a support in this journey.

The fire, will last.


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