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We think of “Rizel” not just as a company, but as an organism full of life. As in all life forms, we too have a DNA - the genetic material that makes us who we are. Our DNA is formed by our core Principles. They form the character and personality of Rizel. We truly believe that these core principles and our values will stand as a compass helping us find our way forward - making lives better.

Our Core Principles..

Integrity – Because we believe in standing strong on our words, no matter what. We believe in doing what is right over what is easy, even in the dark. To be true and honest not just with the world outside, but also with the one within.

Courage – Because we believe in thinking different, to go where one has never gone before. To not just accept change but to lead it whenever required. We believe in standing strong for what is right even if it means standing against everyone else.

Curiosity - To never stop learning. We believe in experimenting and creating something new and exciting. To unlock the doors we never knew existed. To see far more than what is visible. To explore beyond the boundaries of known reality.

Our Values..

1. Have great team spirit. We all are a part of something much bigger than our individual self.

2. Be Authentic. Bring your complete self to work, because every emotion is beautiful.

3. Do it with passion or not at all. Wonders can only be created with great love and passion.

4. Share your dream. Together, we can make it real.

5. If you see something wrong, fix it. It makes us better.

6. Always deliver more than what is expected. That’s one great way to make someone happier.

7. Empower each other. Knowledge shared = knowledge squared.

8. Integrate art and science. This adds life to everything we do.

9. Never Forget to have fun. Life is too short to be serious all the time.

10. Be Humble and treat everyone with respect.

These principles and values are not just words, they represent who we are, what we care about and what we stand for. This forms our culture - the personality of Rizel. We will always strive to keep it intact, as long as we are alive. We understand it not an easy way forward, but we believe in our principles and we are up for it.

This is the beginning.


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