Radial Flux Motors

A ground breaking design approach with multiple proprietary solutions. 

Technology For Next Generation 

With extensive research, simulations and numerous iterations for over 30 months, we are now working on the alpha-prototype of our Radial Flux Motor. With strong focus on the scalable and flexible architecture, the Motor will be light and highly compact with best in class performance figures as a result of our proprietary innovative developments in the Motor Technology.

The flexible architecture of the motor aids in the quick and smooth customization of the motor to fit the needs and constraints of different automotive requirements throughout the multiple segments of Four/ Three/ Two Wheelers. In addition to this, the Motor can cater to the needs of numerous areas beyond the automotive Industry like Aerospace, CNC Machines etc.

Innovative Cooling System.

Our motor uses a proprietary cooling system (Patent pending) design which facilitates very high cooling efficiency and allows it to sustain very high current densities.

Also, our Motor can be equipped with different cooling solutions like liquid cooled, air cooled or Combined Cooled which are easily customizable based on application.

Light and Compact.

A well researched combination of innovative electromagnetic and thermal design equips our motor with extreme power and torque output in a compact package with very low weight.

Built on Platform.

We have built a platform with scalable architecture, where any motor can be designed in the range of 40 kW - 200 kW. This allows us to build motors which has applications in wide range of industries from automotive to aerospace. 

Key Highlights

- A Radial Flux type machine.

- A hybrid Permanent Magnet synchronous reluctance motor. 

- One of the lightest radial motors with a high peak power density.

- An innovative cooling system for achieving high current density (patent pending).

- IPM type rotor to achieve high Motor RPM.​

- IP67 rated.



Cont. Power  

40 kW

Peak Power (few seconds)

80 kW

Cont. Torque 

100 Nm

Peak Torque (few seconds)

200 Nm

Maximum Speed

13,000 RPM

Peak Current

270 Amps

Battery Voltage - Vdc

400 V


upto 96.7%


Liquid Cooled

Ingress Protection


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